Education and the Brain

This research is focused on educational aspects of brain research often but not exclusively oriented towards multilingual education or content and language integrated learning (CLIL). Below is a description of the status of current projects related to C4N. August 2014.

Current projects:

Functional and Structural Plasticity in the Bilingual Brain

Researcher: Esli Struys

In this fMRI and DTI driven research it is shown how the brains' functionality and connectivity changes in multilingual children and adults. Specifically, the variability within multilingual populations was examined. Multilingual speakers who speak different languages on a daily basis show cognitive advantages compared to other multilinguals and monolinguals.

Advanced MRI of Bilingualism-related differences in brain development

Researcher: Ghazal Mohades

It is shown how bilingual brains differ in brain development especially regarding white matter.

Cognition, CLIL and Mathematics

Researcher: Jill Surmont

Cognitive or rather cognitional differences between CLIL learners and non-CLIL learners are examined at secondary school level.

Implicit Learning and Its Cognitive and Brain Effects on Language Learning With Special Reference to Implicit Music Learning

Researcher: Marie-Eve Joret

The cognitive or cognitional effects of early implicit learning of language and music in young children is examined.

Chinese and Western Mathematics in Secondary Schools

Researcher: Liu Chang

Chinese and western learners approach mathematical processing differently. How differently the brains work is examined by means of an fMRI study.

Amygdala, Emotion and Language Use

Researcher: Nour Soudabeh

The involvement of amygdala on emotional language use is the focus of attention

Less Dyslexia in CLIL Schools. An fMRI study

The number of dyslexic children in CLIL schools is far below average. It is hypothesized that this might be due to the implicit learning process and the role of the cerebellum hereby

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