Fundamental and applied research on poliovirus

Development of antiviral compounds against poliovirus as a help in the last steps of poliovirus eradication( C.  Jensen, L. Schotte,)

WHO as well as CDC have concluded that in the late stage of poliovirus eradication, antiviral agents are necessary to eradicate the disease.  In collaboration with other colleagues of the VUB (Serge Muyldermans), nanobodies were developed as candidate antivirals.  Under supervision of  the WHO ,  and  in collaboration with the REGA institute (KULeuven) and Harvard Medical School (USA) these nanobodies are further tested.

Research on the replication cycle of poliovirus (L.Schotte)

Fundamental research on the first (adsorption, internalization) and last stage of the replication cycle of poliovirus is still going on.  This knowledge is used to unravel the target of antiviral compounds (collaboration with REGA institute KULeuven)

Development of separation techniques for viral particles (H. Halewijck)

New separation techniques for viral particles are developed in collaboration with the Research Group FABI (VUB)

Relationship between neurological diseases and viruses

TME Virus as a model for Multiple  Sclerosis (E. Merckx, A. Massie)

Infection of mice with TME Virus is used as a model to study MS.


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