PhD Defenses






  • 12/12/2012: Deborah De Geyter
    The effects of systemic administration of the insuline-like growth factor-I in a rat model for ischemic stroke
  • 07/09/2012: Davide Quarta
    In vivo neurochemical correlates of rewarding, reinforcing and incentive properties of the neuropeptides ghrelin, orexins and neuropeptide Y on the mesocorticolimbic dopamine pathway
  • 21/06/2012: Ellen Loyens
    The role of insulin-regulated aminopeptidase and its substrates in mechanisms of epilepsy and antidepressant-like activity
  • 30/05/2012: Jeanelle Portelli
    Hippocampal neuropeptides and their receptors as neurobiological targets in preclinical pharmacological drug development for limbic epilepsy
  • 29/05/2012: Katia Vermoesen
    Evaluation of the convulsant liabilityand antiepileptogenic properties of antidepressants
  • 23/05/2012: Naser Shraim
    Intracerebral microdialysis as a tool to investigate the blood-brain barrier passage and brain pharmacokinetics of drug substances
  • 21/05/2012: Jochen Vandenbossche
    Freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease: more than a movement dysfunction. Deficits in automatic and controlled cognitive processes
  • 17/04/2012: Marie D'hooghe
    Factors associated with disability progression in multiple sclerosis


  • 04/10/2011: Bert Thys
    New antiviral tools targeting the capsid of poliovirus for use in late stage poliomyelitis eradication strategies



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